Ballooning in the Rockies
Ballooning in the Rockies
Fanch Ledan

Ballooning in the Rockies

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Art Description
ADD THE WORK OF WORLD-FAMOUS ARTIST FANCH LEDAN TO YOUR COLLECTION! Known for his attention to detail, vibrant colors, and remarkable perspectives, Fanch Ledan creates artwork that is admired and collected around the world... read more
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Artist Bio
Born in 1949 in the region of Brittany in France, Francois “Fanch” Ledan is the youngest child of a doctor and a dentist. In his youth, he was educated locally but it was not long before he decided to study in Paris. It was here that he earned three bachelor’s degrees in mathematics, science, and philosophy by the age of nineteen. In addition, this city, with its charm and passionate life, drew... read more

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