Astonishing X-Men N12
Astonishing X-Men N12
Astonishing X-Men N12
Marvel Comics

Astonishing X-Men N12

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Art Description
A piece of comic book history, this limited edition, from original art by John Cassaday, depicts an action-packed scene. In 1997, shortly after his entrance into the world of comic book art, John Cassaday began to work Mar... read more
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Artist Bio
First known as Timely Publications in 1939, then Atlas Comics in the 1950s, the comic book empire known as Marvel Comics came into being in 1961 with the launch of the first Fantastic Four. With the help of creative geniuses Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Marvel produced 831 comic books, each with at least one new superhero, during the 1960s. Known for focusing on characterization and placing ... read more