Bathing Suit (4/19/02-D)
Bathing Suit (4/19/02-D)

Bathing Suit (4/19/02-D)

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Art Description
Enter a surreal and satirical world of twisted imagination and award winning creativity. "Bathing Suit" is an original pen & ink drawing on paper by Dan Piraro, creator of the critically acclaimed and award winning com... read more
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Artist Bio
Dan Piraro has been a cigar-smoking vegan, animal rights activist, atheist, NRA hating, ex-husband, father, stand-up comedian, painter, former host of FOX TV’s "Utopia," philosophizing cartoonist who makes his living writing and drawing a new cartoon every day, 365 days a year. His humor is inspired partly by his own real-life situations and partly by the eccentric thoughts that pop into his ov... read more